Missionary Spotlight: Kevin Hall

Name: Kevin HallK Hall

Job Title: Church-Planting Missionary 

Location: South Africa

DOB: 3/17/1980



If you have spent anytime around the Our Generation Team you probably have heard the story of Kevin Hall. Kevin was high school star in football in North Georgia. His hard work actually got him a scholarship to play football for a Division 1 college. But the Lord had other plans for Kevin. Kevin was called to preach, and with the call to preach also comes the call to prepare. So Kevin left the scholarship and went to Bible College to prepare for ministry.

After Kevin graduated he spent time trying to raise awareness for the need to take the gospel to the ends of the earth. Even though the job that Kevin was doing is extremely needed, the Lord had other plans for Kevin. Kevin is now a church-planting missionary in the country of South Africa to the Xhosa people. The Lord has helped Kevin not only learn a language that would be extremely difficult to learn but He has also allowed Kevin to start three churches and be in the process of training men for the ministry.

Next week at the Training Center Kevin will be teaching on Strategies of Cultural Adaptations. Kevin Hall has been blessed enough to not only know the theory of learning a culture but to also have the experience of learning a culture. He is a great teacher, GREAT PREACHER, and a man of high character. I hope the students will learn and appreciate the tremendous opportunity to learn from such a choice man of God.

About the author

Robert Canfield is the Director of the Our Generation Training Center and a missionary with Vision Baptist Missions representing the continent of Africa.

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