The country of Nepal is home to over 29 million people, the majority of which are Hindus. While Christianity is growing in Nepal, it is still less than 3% Evangelical Christian. But that hasn’t stopped the Lord from doing a work in the country.[1]

There is a church in every one of the 75 districts of Nepal, and there are at least some believers in almost every people and caste group. As recently as last week, missionary Paul Taube won his first Nepali to Christ and baptized another believer. The Lord is working in this country and Christianity is growing. The country is open to the gospel. You can get a visa and do ministry openly. The people are receptive, but there is much work to be done.

The majority of the Nepalis, being Hindu, flock to temples inundated with the sound of bells which are thought to catch the attention of their gods. They serve gods that are asleep. They worship gods that are lazy. They pray to gods that need motivation to wake up and hear their prayers. Who will take them the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ? Who will tell them of the God that neither slumbers nor sleeps? Who will tell them of the God that loves them and sent His only begotten Son to die for their sins?

As you can see, there is a great need in this country. There are some missionaries already there, but many more are needed. If you are an aspiring missionary, would you consider being a missionary to the country of Nepal? Would you commit to pray for this country and the missionaries there?

Would you give your life to win Nepali souls for Christ?

[1] Statistics are taken from

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