Next Steps: What Can I Do For World Evangelism?

If you have ever asked, “What must a person do to become a missionary?” Here are some practical things you could do right now to get involved in world evangelism.

1) Get involved serving in your home church by helping your pastor

2) Help during your church’s missions conference

3) Pray over a world map for God to send more missionaries

4) Communicate with missionaries and encourage them

5) Give to missions through your church

6) Go on missions trips for God to work in your heart

7) Read missions books and missionary biographies

8) Be a soul-winner and go out with your church on outreach

9) Disciple others and help newer Christians to grow spiritually

10) Attend world evangelism missions events

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About the author

Brendon and his family served as missionaries in North Africa for many years. Brendon is now a missions mobilizer for Vision Baptist Missions.

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