Nine Dead in Turkey from Earthquake

On Sunday morning an earthquake struck in Iran that affected both villages in Iran and Turkey. In the region of Van, Turkey 9 people were killed in the earthquake and at least 50 were injured. Almost 700 buildings were also damaged or destroyed because of the earthquake. To find out more read this story. One lady whose house was destroyed and her husband and 3 children were killed, was begging and asking Allah for help for her and her family. Sadly, the people of Turkey plead and beg for Allah to help them, but Allah cannot help them because he is not the one true God. The fact that is so sad about the people who died in this earthquake is that more than likely, they never had a chance to hear the gospel. When they died they woke up in hell because they were trusting in Islam to take care of them.

Right now there is a great need in the country of Turkey for the gospel and God has opened a door for the gospel to freely be preached in Turkey. Will you join us in praying for laborers for the country of Turkey and for Turkish men to be raised up to reach all the villages and cities of Turkey with the gospel? The field of Turkey is white for the harvest, but sadly there are very few laborers. As Christ commanded, will you pray to the Lord of the harvest for more laborers for the needy country of Turkey?

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Sine 2016 Brady has been a church planter to Turkey with Vision Baptist Church and Vision Baptist Missions.

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