No Physical Deaths due to COVID

After all the uncertainty that has come with the COVID response in Latin America, things seem to be looking up for the time being. Several countries are starting to see decreasing cases and deaths. Uruguay made the surprising yet exciting announcement that it had no COVID deaths on Saturday, August 7th. Argentina is looking at trying to open its borders soon. And Chile is taking steps toward approving foreigners to come into the country once again.

All this is very exciting for missionaries seeking to go into their respective countries. Their day to enter may be coming soon. They feel as if that “great door and effectual” that Paul spoke of is slowly beginning to open.

Would you pray that the border restrictions to every Latin American country would be lifted and that the gospel would continue to go forth in this region? The Lord has not yet returned, and until He does, we must be about our Father’s business.

Because while Uruguay may not have recorded any physical deaths due to COVID, there were undoubtedly many spiritual deaths that day.

And the horror of that surpasses anything COVID can do.

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