Getting Young People Involved in World Evangelism

OG Army

Join us for the OG Online Reunion on February the 27th at 1 pm EST. We will be hearing updates from different youth groups and individuals about their involvement in mission.


What Is the OG Army? 

The OG (Our Generation) Army is an elite group of young people that want to help reach the world with the Gospel. Members range from 8 to 18 years old with different levels of involvement depending on time and grade.

Multiple times a year members will be given assignments and opportunities to learn practical missions skills and how to be a better witness of Jesus Christ. Members will receive a complimentary ID card and other material. Consistent completion of assignments can even lead to rewards such as discounted admission to OG events, discounted Mission Trips, and Missionary Bible College 1st semester credit.

  1. Be a born again Christian that wants to live for God
  2. Have a desire to learn more about missions
  3. Get a parent/guardian approval to join

Membership is absolutely free, however members must complete one assignment per year to maintain their membership. Two assignments will be mailed out per year and involvement opportunities will be emailed out on a regular basis. An OG army member must take on and complete one assignment per year to maintain membership. Completing additional tasks will result in class advancement and rewards.


As OG Army members complete assignments they will accrue points which will result in rewards


For any questions, please email us at 

Or write to us at:
Vision Baptist Missions C/O OG Army
P.O. Box 442 Alpharetta, GA 30009

OG Guides (Age 8-13)

Acts 8.31 “And he said, How can I, except some man should guide me?”

1st Eligible Rank – Lookout
2nd Eligible Rank – Scout
3rd Eligible Rank- Explorer
4th Eligible Rank – Outrider
5th Eligible Rank – Vanguard

All OG Guides start at the rank of Lookout. Upon completion of the tasks assigned to a Lookout, they can advance to the next rank. Completing tasks will allow an OG Guide to keep advancing ranks all the way up to Vanguard. Upon completion of the Vanguard tasks, an OG Guide will receive an official completion certificate! 

OG Officers (High School)

2 Tim 2:3 “Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.”

1st Eligible Rank – Lieutenant
2nd Eligible Rank – Captain
3rd Eligible Rank – Major
4th Eligible Rank – Colonel

All OG Officers start at the rank of Lieutenant. Upon completion of the tasks assigned to a Lieutenant, they can advance to the next rank. Completing tasks will allow an OG Guide to keep advancing ranks all the way up to Colonel. Upon completion of the Colonel tasks, an OG Officer will receive an official graduation certificate and be eligible to receive a free semester credit at the Our Generation Training Center! 

OG Army Members – access the password protected tasks pages for each rank by clicking on the rank you are enrolled in.

OG Army Merit Points: These are points you can acquire for completing special tasks in addition to the regular tasks required for each level. Click to find out more.

  1. Sign up online below.
  2. Fill out the paper sign up form provided by a Vision Baptist Missionary when they visit your church.
  3. If you have trouble completing the form, please click here to try an alternative sign up method. You can also email  if you have any questions regarding sign up.

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What is the OG Army and How Can It Help Your Young People?

Dear Youth Pastor,

We would like to introduce you to the OG Army this week. We desire to let you know what exactly it is and how it can help the young people that you minister to each and every week. We would love to see every young person who loves Jesus and wants to serve Him with their life to be a part of the OG Army, so we can encourage them, make them belong, and help them get to wherever God wants them in this great big world.

OG Army is an elite group of young people who love Jesus and want to serve Him! As a part of OG Army, they will be encouraged in their personal walk with the Lord and learning what ministry looks like in preparation for whatever God has for them. We know every Christian is commanded to evangelize the world, but your average 14-year-old has no idea how to do that today, let alone in the future, and honestly, it scares them to take that step to sell out.

We know that every week you are discipling them and teaching them to do these things, but we want to come alongside of you and the great work you’re doing at your church to help them be exactly what God has for them to be today and tomorrow. We as the OG Army are for getting young people in the perfect will of God and obeying the command to get the Gospel to all the world, starting TODAY!

So, how does OG Army work? Every young person who is a part of the OG Army has to fit certain criteria. OG Army is for young people who love Jesus and want to do something about it! These are the requirements to be a part.

  • First, a young person must be saved! How can someone really love Jesus if they’ve never experienced the love of Christ? OG Army is not an evangelistic arm but rather a training arm to train the next generation of Christ-loving young people to be world evangelists doing their part to reach the world with the Gospel by doing whatever Christ has for them.
  • The second requirement is that they have a desire to learn about missions. We pull no punches in the fact that we believe every Christian has a part in getting the Gospel to the world, that they need to have a desire to learn more about finding their part, and that they need to find out how to do their part, whatever that may be.
  • The final requirment is that a parent or guardian approves of them joining. We want parents to know that we are on their side and want to be above board in the fact that their child loving and serving Jesus includes them honoring and obeying mom and dad.

For those young people who fit these three criteria, they can sign up for OG Army one of two ways: either online at the following link or by filling out an enlistment card with one of our Vision Baptist Missionaries. Either way they join, soon after they will receive an introduction packet that will include a welcome letter, a manual, a baseball card sleeve to collect OG Army trading cards from VBM missionaries that may visit your church, and their very own personalized OG Army members card.

After this, to remain a member of the OG Army, they must respond to either one of our mail outs, one of our emails, or do one of the rank assignments once in a year. We only want young people who want to be active in their journey toward the will of God and reaching the world with the Gospel. For those young people who would like, we have ranking assignments that are age graded that include reading the Bible (with provided Bible reading chart), scripture memory, lessons on serving Jesus and ministry, and lessons on missions. Also, in the future, there will be special events and perks for OG Army members, including discounts on our camp and summit.

So, can you help us by telling every young person you have who loves Jesus and wants to serve Him in some way to sign up for OG Army? If you have any more questions or want more information, don’t hesitate to contact us. It is our goal to get the world evangelized in our generation. To do this, we want to come along side you in mobilizing your young people for the will of God!