Our Generation Training Center

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A Call to Missions Is A Call To Prepare

If you feel that God has called you to ministry, your first step is to prepare yourself to do the ministry to which God has called you. The Our Generation Training Center is uniquely designed to provide the training you need.

From the mentorship to the ministry opportunities, every aspect of the OGTC is designed to prepare you. Due to the module based structure of the Training Center, you can begin at any time during the year.

What are you waiting for? There’s a world that is waiting to hear the Gospel. Your time is now.

“The OGTC is the premier place today for biblical and practical training that will equip you to prepare pastors and plant multiple churches.”


From Our Director

I am excited that our God is working in your life to see what you can do to reach others who don’t have the gospel. No doubt, you have a challenge set before you in considering where you will learn how to be best-equipped for your calling. I pray that the Holy Spirit will give you clarity and peace as you make your decision.

It is an honor that you would consider the Our Generation Training Center as a place where you could learn the necessary skills to be a cross-cultural servant.

The OGTC program is designed to produce excellent servant-leaders. While there are many traditional aspects of the college, the goal is not to create a traditional college graduate. The product the OGTC seeks is a graduate who is well-equipped to step right into ministry and who is already an experienced servant-leader. The staff is committed to only working with a small group of students each year to spend the time necessary to accomplish these goals.

Because the OGTC program has been developed to include personal training, students can complete their degree in two and half years, which includes of six months of on-the-field training.

While the emphasis is placed on world missions and missionary training, the OGTC realizes that not everyone will be going to the foreign field. Therefore, the staff has developed appropriate training in other areas as well. Men training for the pastorate will get the same leadership training and discipleship that missions students do. These students will also benefit from training in a local church ministry that will prepare them for all aspects of starting and pastoring a church in the United States. Ladies will be able to get training for the ministry as well, as there are many different areas of ministry to get involved in. We would love for you to visit the church and school campus, see the ministry at Vision Baptist Church, and have a personal meeting with us.

Robert Canfield
Director of Our Generation Training Center