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Bachelor of Biblical Studies

The OGTC offers a Bachelor in Biblical Studies for Missions for all students that complete the prescribed coursework. The Bachelor in Biblical Studies for Missions provides coursework filled with Bible teaching, practical training, and real experience.

Each year consists of three sixteen-week trimesters: fall, spring, and summer. If fulfilled consecutively, the degree program can be completed in two and a half years. The OGTC offers an intensive training system while still allowing for seven weeks of vacation time to be with family each year. Students may enter the program at the beginning of any trimester. The summer trimester operates on a modular system consisting of intense six-day courses often taught by visiting missionaries.

Ministry Training Opportunities

Below is a brief description of the practical training offered at the Our Generation Training Center:


The OGTC is a place to learn to disciple as Christ discipled. Students are expected to work and train alongside of selected college and church personnel where they will learn to disciple others while they are being discipled themselves.

Every student will receive practical training in personal soul-winning and discipleship. Students will be expected to win and disciple at least three individuals prior to graduation. The OGTC staff will work alongside the students to help them develop the skills and the experience necessary to accomplish these requirements.

On-the-field Training

We believe students who train for the field should train on the field. The entire staff of Vision Baptist Church and the Our Generation Training Center have served on the mission field. Two trimesters of the student’s training must be completed on the mission field under the personal supervision of staff missionaries. 

The two on-the-field trimesters with the OGTC may be completed between the fourth and eighth trimesters. Each on-the-field trimester will consist of thirteen weeks (around three full months) on site and two weeks of debriefing at the Our Generation Training Center in Alpharetta, GA. All foreign missionaries who work with the OGTC have been trained through the program, are some of the sharpest missionaries in their fields, and have a heart to train others.


The most important part of the training is being part of the growing vibrant group of believers at Vision Baptist Church. Each student is expected to be personally involved in ministry and outreach at church. Ministry opportunities include, but are not limited to, soul winning, youth ministry, and international outreach to the many ethnic groups in the Atlanta area.

Students will be exposed to practically every area of a church’s ministry and will be given the opportunity to apply and practice what they have been taught. Students will participate in the development and administration of mission’s conferences, business meetings, Sunday school organization, children and teen ministries, bus ministry, evangelism training, summer camp programs, and music ministries. Students will be trained in all vital areas of church ministry and will participate in such ordinances as baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

Each missions student will be required to teach and/or preach a minimum of one hundred times before graduation. Obviously, ladies will only teach, and men will have a combined total of preaching and teaching. The staff will assist and evaluate the students in their preparation and delivery.


English I,II, III – 1 hour each
A course where the students will get a foundation of the English language.

Old Testament Survey – 3 hours
An overview of the Old Testament to see its unity with all the Scripture. Attention will be given to world evangelism in the Old Testament seen through the covenants that God gave to His chosen people, Israel.

Theology I, II, III, IV – 3 hours each
Four courses that will teach the doctrine of the Bible with its impact on the missionary’s life and practice within the church.

Intro to Missions – 2 hours
A course where the student can learn from a teacher that is a Veteran Missionary. The goal is to build a globally-minded Christian by touching on topics like Cultural Anthropology, Theology of Missions, Modern Missionary Movement, Mission Strategies and World Religions.

How to Teach the Bible – 3 hours
A course that is designed to help the student share God’s truth from Scripture with greater skill and enjoyment. This course helps the student move from understanding a text of Scripture to communicating a text of Scripture.

New Testament Survey – 3 hours
A course that will give the student an overview of the New Testament. Attention will be given to the spread of the gospel around the world seen in the New Testament.

Servant Leadership – 2 hours
A course where the student will learn from the Bible practical lessons on how to lead. A necessary course for all those entering ministry.

Intro to Expository Preaching – 3 hours
This course lays the foundation for the need and biblical precedent to preach and teach expositionally.

History of Missions – 3 hours
The history of Christian missions from the Old Testament to the present. The student will learn missionary passages in the Old and New Testaments as well as some key facts and events in the lives of missionaries throughout church history.

Gospels – 2 hours
A study of the life and teachings of Jesus as presented in the four gospels.

Expository Preaching – 3 hours
The course teaches the expository method of studying Scripture, which focuses on an exegetical investigation of the Bible and teaches the individual how to preach and teach the Word of God.

Composition I, II, III – 1 hour each
This course teaches students how to write effectively.

Baptist History – 3 hours
The history of the Baptists from early 1600s to present. The student will learn from the lives of men from the Baptist faith. Students will not just learn historical events but also truths that will further their ministries when they reach their fields.

Church Planting – 2 hours
This course gives practical training where the student will learn the basics of starting a church. This training is a great tool for starting a church on the foreign field.

Hermeneutics – 3 hours
This course focuses on the authority, nature, and interpretation (hermeneutics) of the Scriptures. It is designed to help students work through issues that concern the trust they place in the Bible and its interpretation.

Comparative World Religions – 3 hours
The basic principles, practices and worldviews of the most significant world religions are discussed and evaluated in light of biblical truth. This course goes beyond descriptions and identifies points of contact and cultural opportunities for gaining a hearing for the propagation of the gospel.

Christian Counseling – 3 hours
This is our foundational course dealing with the need for and the fundamentals of Biblical Counseling. The student will be introduced to the key elements of the counseling process including data gathering, questioning, homework, giving hope, methods of change, and the role of the Holy Spirit in counseling.

Language and Culture – 2 hours
This course explores language development and a study of races and cultures of our world with a special look at non-western cultures. It will provide tools for more effective intercultural communications as well as giving us a mirror in which to see our own cultural group more clearly.

Homiletics – 3 hours
The study of the composition and delivery of a sermon or other religious dicourse. It includes practical training for local church preaching ministry.

Pentateuch – 3 hours
The first five books of the Old Testament. It depicts a series of beginnings—the beginning of the world, of humankind, and of God’s promise to the Israelites. Genesis, the first book, opens with God’s creation of the world.

Romans – 3 hours
The letter to the Romans stands as the clearest and most systematic presentation of Christian doctrine in all the Scriptures.

Issues in Missiology – 2 hours
A study of theological issues affecting missiological thinking.

Training Men – 3 hours
This course shows, how Christ’s main ministry was the training of the twelve. It also shows the students that their main ministry must be about training others to do the ministry.

Missions Made Practical I,II,III,IV,V,VI – 4 hours each
This class consists of students, missions applicants, and veteran missionaries. The goal is to help give a complete understanding of the biblical principles on missions, the obstacles, the goals, and attitude that is needed in order to become a successful missionary.