Our Generation Training Center

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Each student must submit a formal application to the OGTC to be considered for admission. The OGTC does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, or national origin. The OGTC does reserve the right to refuse admission to any student who fails to meet the requirements for admission and/or who the administration believes is unable to succeed based upon their academic, Biblical, and/or moral background.


• The applicant must be saved, baptized, and be an active member of an independent, fundamental Baptist church.
• The applicant must be in good standing with their local church and pastor.
• The applicant must provide letters of recommendation as required in the application forms.
• A transfer student must provide official transcripts for all school(s) previously attended and must have left in good standing academically, financially and behaviorally.
• The applicant must exhibit the ability to accomplish the requirements for students attending the OGTC.

Church Membership

The OGTC does not desire or solicit students to join Vision Baptist Church while they are in training. The OGTC was created to help local independent Baptist Churches train the young people that God has given them. If prospective students apply to the OGTC who are not already members of an independent, fundamental Baptist church, they will be required to become a member of Vision Baptist Church during their enrollment in the OGTC.

All students are required to faithfully attend Vision Baptist Church while enrolled as a student. On breaks and holidays, students are to attend all services at their home church. Due to the nature of hands-on ministry training, students commuting from their parents’ home must attend Vision Baptist Church.


Failure to comply with any of the policies of this catalog, maintain a passing grade average, attend classes, maintain godly character, regularly attend church, and fulfill financial obligations will result in dismissal from this school. Furthermore, insubordinate or divisive behavior will likewise warrant dismissal.