Our Generation Training Center

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Financial Information

Fees are kept to a minimum, and education is maintained at an affordable rate for students of the Our Generation Training Center. The accelerated study program greatly reduce the cost of education.

Tuition and Fees

12 month plan
Monthly Tuition Expense: $250
Trimester Books & Materials (estimated cost): $100 – $200

Per credit cost
$85 per credit hour


Housing for single students living in the OGTC provided apartments cost approximately $250 – $300 per month. These prices are based on the current apartment rent and monthly utilities. This price includes all utilities with the exception of telephone and internet expenses.


Students living in the apartments provided by the OGTC will have the needed amenities to prepare their own meals at their own cost.

Foreign Trips

Each trip will be based on current airfares and cost of living in each country. Students will be encouraged and trained on how to raise offerings and monthly support for each trip.

Payment Schedule

All payments are due between the first and fourth day of each month or new trimester as applicable. Full monthly payments are due even in months with holidays and/or missions trips.

Make checks payable to:

Our Generation Training Center
P.O. Box 442
Alpharetta, GA 30004

Late Payments

Payments not received by the applicable due date will accrue a late fee of $15.00 per week late. Students will not be allowed to take missions trips, graduate, or receive transcripts if they have outstanding balances. While it is not the desireĀ of the OGTC to dismiss students for financial reasons, if the administration determines that the student is not making sufficient effort to fulfill obligations, dismissal will result.

Please contact Robert Canfield at canfield@ogtc.org with any financial questions.

Student Debt

Students with an outstanding tuition bill of $1000 or more will be asked to drop out of classes and/or continue them via correspondence until the bill is brought below $1000 and a debt reduction plan is presented and approved.


The weekly class schedule is such that will allow students ample time to work and earn money to offset the expense of their education. All students needing financial help are encouraged to find employment in the Cumming/Alpharetta area. Work schedules must be agreed upon with the employer prior to accepting employment that will not hinder the student from attending any regularly scheduled church service. Students are not allowed to work at any establishment requiring them to serve alcohol.