Opa! Happy 200th, Greece!

In March of 2021, Greece celebrated the bicentennial of the beginning of the war that won their independence. This war against the Ottoman Empire began in 1821, and lasted until 1830. Britain, Russia, and France all aided the Greeks in their fight for freedom 200 years ago. To celebrate, many foreign dignitaries were present in Athens to watch the televised parade and air force overflights. In true COVID-19 fashion, people were unable to gather to celebrate due to a surge in virus cases. Had citizens attended, they would have seen the Russian prime minister, Prince Charles, and the Cypriot president, among others.

The celebrations this year were overshadowed by the tension between Greece and Turkey, which escalated in 2020 over energy exploration and territory rights. War ships from both countries were ready for action, but Turkey finally withdrew its ships from Cypriot and Greek waters.

Greece is heavily influenced by Greek Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism. Overall, a mere .4% of the population is evangelical Christian. The best “Happy Birthday” present would be the spiritual birthday of many of its citizens. Please pray for the gospel to be spread throughout the country and for souls to be saved this year.

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Bethany is currently on deputation to go to London and intern with the Snodes.

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