Supporting Roles

Helping recruit, equip, and send missionaries around the world with the gospel

The focus of Vision Baptist Missions is to plant churches and train leaders. To effectively train and send missionaries around the world, many support ministries are needed. Just as the military cannot go forward without a strategic support network, neither can the work of God.

Workers are needed to help recruit more laborers and workers are needed to support those already on the field as well as those preparing to go. If God has not called you to be a missionary, then here are some other ways you can be involved in evangelizing the world.


Each person who desires to serve in any of these supporting roles must meet the following basic requirements as well as other requirements specific to the role:

  1. Have a clear testimony of salvation.
  2. Agree to our doctrine and missions philosophy.
  3. Be a member of a church of like faith and practice.
  4. Be willing to complete the necessary training.
  5. Be willing to raise the required amount of support, including the funds to go on a mission trip to one of our missionaries each year.
  6. Be willing to sign and agree to a work contract.

Estate Planning

The most secure place to “lay up treasure” is in heaven. Individuals and churches can invest in eternity by giving of their earthly resources to help take the gospel around the world. Through estate planning, Christians can continue to give to world evangelism after they have gone to heaven. We are looking for volunteers who will help Christians include the work of world evangelization in their wills and estate plans.

Video Production

The eye affects the heart. One of the best ways to put the mission field in front of the eyes of people is through high-quality videos. We are looking for skilled individuals who are willing to travel to various missions field, video the needs there, and tell the stories of what God is doing in the lives of people around the world. 

Graphic Design

Every missionary has a prayer card! But who designs it? Or the display board? Or magazines promoting missions? Or tracts for the foreign field that share the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Graphic designers are needed who will be able to work hand and hand with missionaries to see these needs fulfilled.

Web Development

As our world goes more digital, the opportunities to reach people through websites and online forums is even greater. Web developers are needed who will be able to help design and promote websites for missionaries and various missions endeavors. IT technicians are also need to help with other computing and technical support jobs.

Not only has God done amazing things in the past, He is doing great things in the present. We want the world to know what God is doing. Skilled writers are needed to help communicate what God is doing around the world as well as prepare mission magazines, articles, and curriculum for the local church.
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Teaching Missionary Children

Missionaries often wear many hats on the mission field including homeschool teacher. We are looking for young ladies who would be willing to help with the schooling of missionary children for at least two years at a time. This will free up the missionaries, especially the missionary wife, to be able to focus more on the ministry.

Other Supporting Roles...

In addition to the roles above, there are many other ways you can be involved in the work of worship evangelism. We are also looking for: accountants, evangelists, camp workers, campus ministers and mobilizers, secretaries, doctors and nurses, carpenters, printers and publishers, counsellors, business liaisons, events coordinators, communications managers, travel assistants, custodians, and groundskeepers.