Chosen for the Task

Now that Chile has decided to rewrite its constitution, it will fall to the citizens to select those who will put pen to paper and...

Poland Drafts A Law to Make Social Media Censorship Illegal

On January 14, Poland’s Ministry of Justice announced a new law making it illegal for social media platforms to delete content posted by Polish users....

Leadership with Vision | The Church’s Responsibility

Pastor Austin Gardner, Jeff Bush, and Jason Holt have another discussion on churches, this time focusing on the responsibilities of the church. They delve into...

Slovakia Planning to Test the Entire Country for Coronavirus in Nine Days

By Tuesday, January 26, Slovakia hopes to have tested the entire country for coronavirus. If done, the government hopes this will allow students to return...

Latvia Completes First-Ever Drone Delivery

Engineers in Latvia successfully completed the first-ever parcel delivery via drone in December 2020. The flight was done entirely over a mobile network and has...

London Restaurants May Not Reopen Until May

According to a government source, London restaurants and pubs may not be able to reopen until May 2021. The United Kingdom is currently under its...

Luxembourg Declines to Meet with US Secretary of State

Luxembourg’s foreign minister and top European Union officials have declined to meet with Mike Pompeo, the U.S. Secretary of State. This is an extraordinary snub...

Hungary sends 2500 Asylum Seekers Back to Serbia

Hungary has ignored an EU court ruling on asylum. This article reports that 2500 people have been pushed back over its border with Serbia since...

Bulgarian Tourism Has Slumped Significantly

Bulgaria experienced a 62% slump in overnight tourist stays in November 2020, according to stats recently release. With millions of tourist visiting the country every...
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