Who Will Go to the United Kingdom? | 66 Million People Who Need Jesus!

The United Kingdom has enjoyed one of the richest Christian histories of any country. Many great Christians, pastors, missionaries, and authors of the past were...

Latin America’s Year of Elections

Last week’s presidential elections in Ecuador launched a busy political year in Latin America. Chile, Haiti, Honduras, Peru, and Nicaragua are all due to hold...

In Slovenia, Three Mountain Climbers Die in Avalanche

Three people died and three more were injured this past Saturday in two different avalanches. The avalanches took places in the Kamnick-Savinja Alps about 50...

Iceland’s Unemployment Rate Continues to Rise

The national unemployment rate of Iceland continues to rise. It is now 11.6% and trending upward. The country now has its highest number of people...

Denmark Increases Spending on Arctic Defense

As ice in the Arctic shrinks, various countries like Russia, China, and America have begun exploring the strategic implications of the region. Greenland and the...

A True “Rags to Riches” Possibility

For anybody who’s been keeping up with international news the last few years, the Venezuelan financial crisis, which started in 2014 with the rise of...

President Biden Urges Serbia to Recognize Kosovo

This past Sunday, President Biden wrote a letter to Serbia’s president Aleksandar Vucic asking him to recognize Kosovo. Kosovo is a disputed state in the...

How To Prepare Your Heart for the Call of God

In his excellent book, A Biblical Theology of Missions, George W. Peters says the following about preparing for the call of God: We must thus...

In Finland Violence Is A Regular Part of Young Men’s Lives

A recent survey of 2000 young men found that violence and threats were a regular part of their lives. According to respondents, the most common...
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