I like ultimate frisbee..

You may think “I like ultimate frisbee” is a silly topic for my blog. If you think so you can get your own blog, they...

Conversation with Jake..

One of my best friends in the whole wide world (I said like a 3 year huh) is a missionary in eastern China. We have...

Bible Reading Revolution

I want to encourage you to look at the Bible Reading Revolution blog. It is written by John Pearson, who is a great friend, Bible...

What has happened to us..

I am sure you all have heard about the latest “Mall Massacre”. Robert Hawkins left behind a suicide note that read, in part, “sorry for everything,”...

What if I am never the best..

My friend, Bro. Aaron as he is known in his latest book, told me that I should be more personal in my blog so I...

Passing the Baton (1of 3)

Passing the Baton Youth Ministry as a Means to Discipling the Church Eric Bancroft Associate Pastor, High School Ministry  I. Phase One: Fundamentals of Discipleship...

It’s Not a Game

My Pastor, Austin Gardner, sent me this article this morning and I believe it is great. I especially like the part about “expository preaching”. It is often said...

Signs of Life

Today I had the great opportunity to see my child for the first time. My wife, Stephanie, is 8 weeks pregnant and we had our...


Today I have spent some time recording some information I know about my students. I am recording more then just information such as address, email address,...
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