Pastor in India is seeing increased persecution

Verbal and physical attacks are becoming more common, especially in the Northeast province of Uttar Pradesh. is reporting that religious freedom is deteriorating. Pastor Ramesh Kumar, a church planter, is seeing almost daily persecution from slight verbal harassment to physical violence. Despite these attacks, he reports, “God has been very faithful.” He will not stop witnessing and will continue to serve Jesus.

Crimes against Christians in India has increased 60 percent in the last four years according to Persecution Relief. Uttar Pradesh is the most populous state in India at 200 million. There are 350,000 Christians living in the state and Hindu extremists have increased the harassment.

Christian Post reported that in February, Hindu leaders of the nationalist group Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) gathered to discuss how they can prevent conversion to Christianity. They have begun a campaign know as “Ghar Wapsi”, which means back to home, by going door to door effort to find Christians. Once they find Indian Christians they lead them in reconversion ceremonies compelling them to perform Hindu rituals.

Please pray for India! Pray for more laborers to go? Pray for Christian pastors already working in India bringing them the greatest message of all time. Will you go? Will you give? Will you pray?

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