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“What is Jesus?” I couldn’t believe my ears. But sure enough, that is exactly what that young man said. “What is Jesus?” There I was, my first time in China, and it was my first encounter with someone that lived in such darkness. Growing up in the American south, I had never met someone that at the name of Jesus knew so little about Him as to not even know that He is a “who” and not a “what”.

The Lord had saved me at twelve years old, called me to preach at sixteen, and there I was in China at nineteen years old suddenly realizing that there are places in this world where people don’t even recognize the term “Jesus” as a name. What a tragedy! Jesus is worthy! He is worthy to be made known in China! The Bible teaches that He is both the Alpha and the Omega. He is the highly exalted One with a name above every name. He alone is worthy of the praise of all 1.4 billion people in China!

Thus, my wife and I have given our lives to give maximum glory to the Lord Jesus Christ among China’s multiplied millions that still don’t know what a Jesus is. Pray with us as we have completed deputation and are anxiously awaiting an open border to get back into China to evangelize, plant churches, and train national leaders to further the work of the ministry in the world’s most populous nation.

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