Jens Looney

Church Planting Missionary


I put my faith and trust in Jesus as my Savior at 13. Three months later I was standing at the foot of my brother’s grave. He was the one who led me to Christ, but now he was not able to lead anyone else to Him. It was at his graveside that I answered God’s call in my life to lead others to Him. I started traveling with an evangelist three weeks later, and he discipled me in the ministry. He taught me how to preach, how to witness, and he taught me about how good God is from God’s Word.

At the age of 18, I took a year to save up some money to move from Baton Rouge, LA. to Alpharetta, GA. to attend the Our Generation Training Center. At the age of 19, I packed everything I owned in my car and moved. I saw God’s blessings in more ways than I can share here; but if I could sum it up, I would simply say God Is good. I graduated from the Training Center in July of 2019 and began to pray and ask God about my next step.

In November, He began to press upon my heart the country on Indonesia, and on December 1st, I began my first day on deputation as a missionary to Indonesia. It was in this first year of deputation that my wife and I began to talk, and by the end of that year were engaged to be married. We were married in January of the following year, and now we are serving the Lord together as we seek to reach the people of Indonesia.

Sending Church & Mission


  • B.A., Child Evangelism Fellowship, 2014
  • B.A., Our Generation Training Center, 2019

Ministry Experience

  • Children, Bus, Youth, Sound Ministry, 2008-2015
  • Evangelism Assistant, 2009-2014

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