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Ty did not grow up in a Christian home, however God put people in his life that influenced him for the Lord. Although living a very destructive lifestyle, Ty went to church in 1987 and heard the gospel, repented and put his faith in Jesus. He knew he was a changed person! In just a few months after, he went off to college, and struggled for several years to live the way he knew he should live. Eventually, the Lord led him to a good church, he was discipled in the word of God which made all the difference. He determined to live for God after that time.
Ty has been married to Rebecca since 1993. They have two grown daughters who both love the Lord and are serving with their husbands as missionaries. Ty had a successful career, as a technical manager for a software company. He and his family love serving the Lord and have in many ways, such as, church cleaners, evangelism, Jail preaching, Assisted Living, Sunday School teachers (both adult and youth), youth workers, heavily involved with missions and in discipleship. Ty has served as an associate pastor and a deacon.
In 2014, while reading Matthew 9:36-38 the Lord showed him clearly the great need for laborers. He started praying God would raise them up. He was thinking of younger men, however, God spoke to him very clearly, “Will you go?”. He thought of how good, gracious, and merciful God had been to him and said, “Yes Lord, I will go”. This was the first of many the Lord made it clear to him that He was calling them to go, not just send. Later that year his family led a missions trip to China and he knew Asia was where God was calling him.

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