Population Decrease in Finland

Finland’s birth rates have been declining over the past few years resulting in statisticians reporting that by 2034, the population will begin to decline. A Covid-19 baby boom recently occurred, however, it was not significant enough to counteract what has been taking place for years. It is estimated that by the year 2060, over 700,000 more deaths will have taken place than births. The long-term effects of low births rates will result in less than 40,000 births yearly in the 2060s. Despite an increase in immigration and life expectancy, the percentage of working age people will decrease from 62% currently, to 57% by 2060.

Low birth rates are troubling to a country trying to preserve its culture and heritage. The evangelical Christian residents, which account for about 12% of the population, are no doubt troubled about the spiritual health of their nation as well. The last revival came over fifty years ago, and only 8% of today’s population attend any type of religious service regularly. Please pray for the missionaries who are already laboring in the very secular society of Finland, and pray for many others to join them. Although the birth rates are low, God is able to increase the rebirth rates drastically.

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