Protests in Colombia

Over a week of violent protests have left a mounting number dead, injured, or missing in Colombia. What began as a protest against new tax hikes meant to reignite the economy has morphed into violent displays of anger and discontent across a country that has been riddled with increasing poverty and corruption. President Duque has since revoked the proposed tax reform, but protests have continued. Many who have not demonstrated before are taking to the streets. Highways are blocked off by trucks and other vehicles in protest. Police stations across Colombia have been torched or vandalized in response to measures taken by the police to control the crowds, including tear gas, batons, and firearms. President Duque has been urged to declare a state of emergency, but has yet to do so. 

The situation in Colombia continues to be volatile. Pray for the riots and violence to stop, for believers and churches to remain safe, and for hearts to be opened to the gospel even in the midst of tragedy. 

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Tracy Paver is a missionary to Chile working alongside veteran church-planting missionaries Jason and Lori Holt.

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