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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dear Pastor,

Jim and Sandy Roberts are two of the finest servants of God that I have ever known. I have met and had the privilege of knowing very many but none sweeter, more gracious, more experienced, and more used than this dear couple. God has used them to build a great church, Mile Creek Baptist Church in Six Mile, South Carolina. The church grew from 42 to well over 400 in less than 25 years. They trained and sent out pastors to start new churches, supported missions, and even sent their son out as a missionary. Their daughter is also married to a preacher and pastor. Before that they served in Scotland as church planting missionaries. God has greatly used them for over 40 years.

Now God is changing their direction. They will be working in India to plant churches and train national leaders in the villages where missionaries are not going as of now. The ministry is called Voice in the Villages. They will work along side their son and other missionaries that God is raising up for India. They will give the wisdom and experience of years to over see and guide the ministry. They will preach, teach, prepare materials, raise up workers and do all in their power to make a major difference in India.

Dr. Roberts is a man of character. He is hard working, diligent, faithful, and hungry to be used of God. Both Jim and Sandy know what it is to be in all the battles from the small country church to the large country church. They know what it is to visit and witness in the cold land of Scotland, both spiritually and physically. They know what it is to raise Godly children. They know what it is to mentor and train young men. They are not preparing to do so they have already done it and are doing it! Hundreds of people at Mile Creek and other places can attest to God’s hand on this man.

Now the Roberts are taking a very big step as they leave an established and comfortable ministry to start deputation again to plant churches, train leaders, mentor young missionaries, and reach the villages of India. India is in great need of the gospel. It is a hard country. Not much as been done in the northern part of India. India is still largely untouched by the gospel.

I hope that you will prayerfully consider having the Roberts in your church and then supporting this very needy ministry. No place has been reached as all of us that are pastors know even about the area we are in. Certainly India is in far worse condition. Will you please help hurry them to the field?

I know that the Roberts will be a blessing to you and your church when he presents the work. God has already used their family and you will reap a great harvest and many spiritual rewards for supporting a family like the Roberts. By the way, he is a great preacher that you will definitely enjoy having in your church

Thank you for whatever help you can give the Roberts as they head out do all in their power to affect the country of India.

I am honored to be their friend and to serve God with them. If you have any further questions about them, their character, their dedication, their preparation, or service please feel free to give me a call.

Yours to evangelize the world in our generation,

Austin Gardner
Matthew 6:33

Contact them via
email Jim Roberts

phone number (864) 508-0958

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Austin Gardner is pastor of Vision Baptist Church in Alpharetta, GA. Previously he was church planting missionary in Peru for 20 years.
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