Restriction of Pastor’s Free Speech in Bremen, Germany

In late 2020, a pastor in Bremen, Germany, was fined for “inciting hatred” against homosexuals in a highly publicized trial. The pastor, Olaf Latzel, addressed the biblical definition of marriage in a private Bible study group for couples in his church. The court system’s decision to fine Mr. Latzel for his remarks at a private event serves as a stern warning to other pastors and believers who would criticize a life style promoted by culture, but contrary to the Bible.

According to Latzel’s defense attorney, this decision sets a precedent for the suppression of free speech in Germany. From a Christian perspective, it also highlights the degradation of society and the desperate need for the gospel. Germany, although a Christianized nation, contains only 2% evangelical Christians. In a country of over 82 million people, there are only approximately 60 Baptist missionaries as of 2019. Please pray for more laborers for Germany, and strength and boldness for the Christians there taking a firm stand on the Bible.

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