Robert and Kelli Canfield are going to be parents


Robert and Kelli Canfield are serving God in Peru for 6 months. They are sent out of Vision Baptist Church and we love them very much. Here is the letter that they just sent out:

In about nine months Kelli and I are going to have an addition to the family.


We go tomorrow to get more info. from the doctors.

Please pray for me

Please pray for them. They will be back here with us in mid December.

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Austin Gardner is pastor of Vision Baptist Church in Alpharetta, GA. Previously he was church planting missionary in Peru for 20 years.
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  1. Hey Bro Gardner,

    Just emailed the ladies, should have sent it out on Robert’s email as well.

    I just got back from the visit. I am at 8 weeks. The due date is July 5th.

    They said everything is as it should be.

    Let me just say that everything has been a little surreal until today. I knew I was pregnant. But, I got to see my little baby. I got to see its tiny little body and its heart beating. And what was over the top was that I actually got to hear the heartbeat as well. There’s nothing like it! I wasn’t expecting to hear anything yet. I thought it would be too early. I never realized how amazing a child really is until today.

    The doctor is out of town until after the first of December. We’ll probably plan another visit right before we come back home since I only talked to the ultrasound technician.

  2. The Cornwells

    We are really excited for you guys! We are praying for you guys and look forward to helping you guys raise a world changer!!

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