“Show and Tell”

 On Wednesday I have the opportunity to go to South Forsth High School and talk about South America. Last night, Zach the history teacher from the school was at our home. I was running around showing him all kind of cool souvenirs I have picked up during my travel.

This led us into a discussion about “show and tell” at school. Remember when you wanted to take the coolest thing to school for show and tell. However, you only had like 2 cool things and you had “show and tell” every Friday in school. I remember being bummed out that I had nothing cool to share.

Youth workers we better make sure that never happens to us as we lead students in their walk with Christ. Many times we are not passionately sharing the Bible becuase we have not passionately recieved anything from the Bible.

If you have a good idea, Bible lesson, or idea… get rid of it immediately. Preferably us it.However, if you can not use it hand it off. You will be limited on getting new ideas until you make use of what you have.

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Trent serves as an Associate Pastor at Vision Baptist Church in Alpharetta, GA. He writes, speaks, and helps lead events that encourage people to "pioneer" in the work of sending.

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