Spain has become the most recent European country pass a law legalizing euthanasia and considering death a right. This makes them the fifth nation in Europe to legalize assisted suicide. As God’s people, this tendency towards euthanasia in Europe should show us the great need of gospel-preaching churches and missionaries. 

As an aside to the above article, I would like to give 3 reasons why we have a problem with euthanasia:

  1. Suicide, assisted or not, carries with it an attitude of hopelessness. Anytime we see someone in scripture commit suicide or desire it (1 Samuel 31:2-3; 1 Kings 19:4) it is because they believe there is no hope. This should stir us to give the people of Europe the hope of the gospel. 
  2. Euthanasia is recommended based on “human dignity.” In other words, as soon as you feel that you are no longer your best you can choose to end your life. Besides the implications of what could happen if someone else was allowed to determine your “dignity,” this is opposed to the authority of God. The Earth is His and fullness thereof, and it is not for man to wrestle the control of life from the hand of the Almighty. 
  3. Finally, euthanasia is wrong because it is sin. If it is the choice of the patient, it is suicide. If it is the choice of a doctor or family member, it is murder. Both are without question sin, and the fact that they are hidden in euphemistic words like “merciful” and “dignified” ought to burden our hearts for lost souls in Europe!

So, please pray that God would give us more laborers in the fields of Europe. We must reach these 700 millions souls with the gospel Jesus Christ! 

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