Spiritual and Financial Debt

Montenegro is a picturesque country on the Balkan Peninsula along the Adriatic Sea. This small nation has borrowed a vast amount of money from China to improve infrastructure, yet is finding it difficult to repay the loan. For example, in 2014, $944 million was borrowed to build a 25-mile stretch of highway. Montenegro is a candidate to join the European Union, provided they can meet certain fiscal benchmarks soon. However, the indebtedness has reached such a point that the country is considering the sale of various government-owned properties and services which would only partially cover the payment.

While Montenegro struggles to gain control of their financial indebtedness, a far greater debt exists of which many are unaware. The debt of sin requires a payment no one wants to pay. Unfortunately, only .1% of all Montenegrins are aware that Jesus already paid this for them. As with many countries that are “Christian,” a distorted view of the gospel has left thousands of people blinded to the finished work of the cross. Please pray that knowledge of this sin debt and its forgiveness will be made known to the citizens of Montenegro.

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Bethany is currently on deputation to go to London and intern with the Snodes.
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  1. Missionary Danny Foss

    We encourage anyone that is interested in the desperate need for missionaries in Montenegro to contact us. I have been in Montenegro and researched who is there, have put out Gospel tracts there, and have a keen burden that someone would be there as a missionary. There is no independent Baptist missionary there yet. For anyone that feels a call from God to there I would like to help them as much as I can. We are in neighboring Serbia to the north, and the only independent Baptist missionaries there still. God bless you!

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