10/40 window


Can you believe that there is a country in the world that has not one small, struggling church the worships the Lord Jesus Christ. That is what this article reports based on US State department findings. I am alarmed. I am asking God to raise up men and women and send them to Afghanistan. Will...
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Voice in the Villages has the goal of using radio and television to get the gospel message to the unreached peoples around the world. There are so many people that live beyond the reach of traditional missions. We must do something to get the gospel to them. We want to raise the funds to not...
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I think that for many independent Baptists this is still a new term though it shouldn’t be. This is a map of what we call the 10/40 Window. It includes countries in Northern Africa, India, Asia, etc. Very little is being done in this area of the world to get the gospel to them. I...
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