It’s easy for the missionary to believe that his field is the most difficult. He can start to see his situation as hard and even impossible. This is not to say that there would not be some places where it could be more difficult. We all know that every place will be different. The idea...
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Earlier this morning I read an email from a missionary in Colombia who is just doing a fantastic job. There are some men who are showing a desire to give their lives to the ministry. The missionary is thrilled, because he went there to be a disciple maker, to have a ministry that would multiply....
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“The View” is a compilation of stories or truths, that the students of the OGTC have cultured during their time in the Training Center.   Author: O.G.T.C. Student Beau Carpenter         Beau Carpenter (Far left in photo) A Lesson in Teachability As an excited, timid, and fairly smart (by some estimations) 18...
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