Pizza. Pasta. Art. Football. Cars. Fashion. Gelato. There is much to love about Italy, a long mountainous peninsula that dominates the central Mediterranean. With sixty million people, Italy is the fifth-most populous country in Europe. Despite being home to the New Testament “church at Rome” and various Anabaptist and Protestant groups throughout history, Italy is...
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The mountainous regions of France and Italy have experienced record rainfall and severe flooding. The flood have taken the lives of two so far. 24 people are currently missing. Please pray for the people of Italy and France whose lives are being taken away by an even more serious disaster – sin! They need the...
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Yesterday, the death toll in Italy from the coronavirus reached 10,023 people, an increase of almost 10% in one day! (source) Please pray for the country of Italy. The country has over 60 million people and only 16 missionaries that claim to have Baptistic beliefs according to North American Mission Handbook. The population grew about...
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