I have failed often to willingly submit to my husband’s leadership in times of crisis. Trusting his judgment is pretty easy when the questions are, “Do we want to rent the big house or the bigger house?” or “What color should we paint the walls?” But when the questions are, “Should we move to Nepal in...
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On this day in 1812, Adoniram Judson was married to Miss Ann Hasseltine, who was destined to become the heroic “Ann of Ava.” In June of 1810, Judson and his three friends came to Bradford to attend the Massachusetts General Association of Congregational Churches.  They were hoping to present themselves to the board as foreign...
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On this day in 1888, Jonathan Goforth and his new wife of only three months, Rosalind, set sail for China. While Jonathan attended Knox College in Toronto preparing to go to China, Rosalind was at the Toronto School of Art, preparing to be an artist like her father.  But Rosalind was never truly satisfied with...
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