If you have ever asked, “What must a person do to become a missionary?” Here are some practical things you could do right now to get involved in world evangelism. 1) Get involved serving in your home church by helping your pastor 2) Help during your church’s missions conference 3) Pray over a world map...
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World Evangelism Think Tank – January 2020 The best way for the team to be involved in mobilizing more missionaries as they travel is not something that can be affected by a simple process of what they should do. The best way to be involved in mobilizing is first and foremost something that should be...
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Summer is crazy time in youth ministry and missions mobilization. This summer I have asked several of my close missionary friends to right some guest posts for me on the subject of “What can a youth pastor do to mobilize for missions?”. The first response to this vitally important question is from one of my...
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