Since June, President Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua has detained and placed presidential hopefuls, union leaders, and newspaper editors under house arrest. He has recently called for the arrest of an award-winning author and former vice president who has accused Ortega of autocratic tendencies. Nicaragua is set to hold presidential elections in November. Many believe the...
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Freedom of the press is something we often take for granted in the United States, but the desire for that freedom is not unique to our country. Nicaraguans desire that same freedom; however, new laws passed in Nicaragua have limited the press. Under the “Special Cybercrime Law,” passed in October 2020, a journalist who writes...
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Last week’s presidential elections in Ecuador launched a busy political year in Latin America. Chile, Haiti, Honduras, Peru, and Nicaragua are all due to hold national elections, while Argentina, El Salvador, and Mexico will hold legislative and regional elections. According to the Economist, these countries are a diverse mix: “Chile is a mature democracy. Ecuador...
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