Taiwan to Purchase New Weapons Systems from US

Reuters reported that Taiwan will purchase seven major weapon systems from the United States. The effort is to create a “porcupine” model of heavily defended beaches, instead of the previous efforts focused on not allowing China to make it across the Taiwan Straight.

The proposed weapon sales allegedly include long-range surveillance and targeting drones, advanced Harpoon anti-ship missiles, anti-submarine systems, and anti-tank weapons, and other tools to prevent amphibious attack or make it extremely costly.

Historically, the US has staggered sales to Taiwan to not create tension with China. The threatening posture of China has ramped up sales. Last month, Taiwan purchased 66 F-16 fighter jets. The bipartisan statement from the House Foreign Affairs Committee stated the sale was explicitly intended to, “help deter China as they threaten our strategic partner Taiwan and its democratic system of government.”

The temporal threat is real, but the eternal truth, one out of every one persons will die.  Where will you spend eternity?  Where will more than a billion Chinese spend eternity?  The Bible is clear, that all believers should be doing all they can to get the gospel to the world.  Pray for Taiwan, pray for China, Pray for laborers, pray for more people to go.

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