Tent Making Part 2

Some where the idea crept in that serving God and being in full time ministry might not work out. Therefore I need a back up plan if the things of God don’t work out. So many want to be tent makers to insure their future.

“This is their way of surrendering without really surrendering.” John W.

John W reminded me that most tent makers are going to be too busy to train Timothys. They will be like so many English teachers in China. They are teaching English and the students never understand that they are truly Christians. They are practicing lifestyle evangelism and nearly never get around to mentioning the gospel.

They tell people in the states that you can’t witness in China. You can’t get Bibles in China. They lead people to believe that we need Bible smugglers when these things simply aren’t true.

I have friends in China that are actively sharing the gospel, discipling, baptizing, and having church services just like you would any where else in the world.

Some of the tent makers it seems would have as their goal to see someone get saved. That is a good and worthy goal but simply not enough. They need a church. They need a trained and prepared pastor.

The tent maker often gets so entangled in the affairs of this world that he cannot do the work of God. He simply gets too busy doing business and has little to no time left to do the real work of a missionary. Of course, there are exceptions but that is exactly what they are.

Why must we try to complicate something that is so simple.

Learn how to do deputation. Raise your support and go do what you said you want to do! you can plant churches and train leaders.

You will be far happier if you just be who you are. Paul did not use tent making as a back up plan to the gospel or peaching. Paul did not want something to do if he failed at the ministry.

Stay tuned because I will show you where he actually apologized for making tents at a later point!

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Austin Gardner is pastor of Vision Baptist Church in Alpharetta, GA. Previously he was church planting missionary in Peru for 20 years.

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