How does God call people to the Ministry or the Mission Field?

  • You need to remove the cultural mystique we have placed around “the call.”
    – You don’t have to wait for an explicit physical sign.
  • A desire to do ministry only comes from God.
    – If you want to serve God, that is Him calling you to do so.
    – 1 Timothy 3:1 “This is a true saying, If a man desire the office of a bishop, he desireth a good work.”
  • Have a Biblical view of the call.
    – God has called every man to be a child of God, and he has called every child to serve Him with our lives.
    – 2 Corinthians 5:17-18
    – God doesn’t show us what exactly to do, He just leads us one step at a time as we are serving Him in every way that we can.
  • Try every open door in ministry
  • The basic steps to know you’re called
    – Be sure of your salvation
    – Live in submission
    – Start serving – Do what you can where you are
    – Be in the Bible and meditate in it
    – Hang around who you want to be
    – Pray for laborers
    – Read biographies
    – Present your body as a living sacrifice (Romans 12:1)
  • God has put the ability inside you, but you must stir it up
  • You should love Jesus to the point that you can’t not serve him.

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