The Challenge of Missions

Vision Baptist Missions has published a new run of this great classic on missions. Reading this book is a life changer. It will give you a heart to get the gospel around the world. It will help you see the challenge before us. It will be a great gift that you can give to someone else so that they can read it if you already have it digitally or in print. I just want to excite people about what God is doing and how they can get involved.

Vision Baptist Church is starting our World Evangelism Celebration today. In celebration of my favorite week of the year at Vision I want to give away 10 copies of this book. I will pay postage and everything. All I ask you to do is comment below.

The first 10 to leave a comment in the US will get a copy of the book shipped to them for free. If you do not have a US postal address then I suggest you get the kindle version here.

You do not have to leave your address in the comments for security reasons. Just comment about your desire to get the gospel around the world, etc. Then write me an email with your postal address and email address. I will confirm with you and send the book on.

My email is gardner @

Remember only the first 10 comments will get a free copy of the book. I can tell you how to get the book if you are that 11th so no worries. I still want you to have the book.

God bless. Please leave your comments.

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Austin Gardner is pastor of Vision Baptist Church in Alpharetta, GA. Previously he was church planting missionary in Peru for 20 years.
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    1. Dr Hernandez, I am glad to hear from you. I appreciate you dropping by. Send me an email with your address and I will get a book out to you with in the next few days. How is the support coming? You are the first to comment and get a book.

  1. Rhonda White

    Would love to have a copy if u have any left! If so, I will message you my address on my husband’s(Chris White) facebook page. Thanks!

  2. Justin L. Teate

    I need the great challenge in this book to flame the fire the Lord has placed in my soul for World Evangelism. I appreciate the encouragement you have been to me and for your willingness to disciple others. Thank you.

  3. Only one more book available for free. You can have a book if you want but you will have to purchase it. If you are number 11 and still interested just send me an email and I will tell you how to get a copy of the book sent to you

  4. That does it. 10 books going out as soon as all the addresses get here. Thanks to Ahmet Hernandez, Nathan Dorsey, Terry Basham II, Jim Showers, Ty Pepperdine, Billy Welsh, Jason Mann, Rhonda White, Justin L. Teate, and Steve Watson!

  5. Ahmet Hernandez

    First one! That is awesome! Also, this is the first time I have been addressed as a Dr 😉 Our support is coming in well (90%) and we fly out December 9th.

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