The Extraordinary Story of Randy Stirewalt

Today, our friend and a missionary, Randy Stirewalt went to be with Lord. Mrs. Phyllis said he preached most of the night and she¬†asked him to be quiet so she could sleep. His response was, “I have to preach.”

This morning, he felt anxious because he wanted to see his children, and they weren’t there yet. This afternoon he laid down to rest and Mrs. Phyllis said he went to be with Jesus.

The video above documents the amazing true story of Randy Stirewalt and all that God used him to do in Kenya.

Please be in prayer for his wife Phyllis and the rest of their family as they go through this time.

Please pray for men who will answer the call to go and fill the shoes of Bro. Stirewalt all around the world and in particular the continent of Africa.

If you are interested in becoming a missionary, please reach out to Jeff Bush. If you are interested in the continent of Africa, talk with Robert Canfield.

About the author

Austin Gardner is pastor of Vision Baptist Church in Alpharetta, GA. Previously he was church planting missionary in Peru for 20 years.

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