The Need in Africa: Tanzania

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“You don’t need to focus on that continent; it’s reached!!” If you were to listen to some “missions specialists,” it would be easy to get the idea that Africa does not need missionaries. In one article, a writer stated that Africa has more Christians than any other continent. No wonder there has been an exodus of missionaries and focus when some of these countries in Africa are claiming to be 90% Christian. I guess this would be true if you didn’t want to define terms. What would be a Christian in Africa?

I want to make a plea for the need for more missionaries in Africa. And I want to base it on this–the Christianity in Africa is not the Christianity of the Bible. Tanzania claims to be 61.4% Christian, but here is what some of the Christianity looks like in Tanzania.

This past Saturday, Feb 1, 2020, 20 people died, and 5 five of those were children, after being trampled to death in a church. “Apostle” Boniface Mwamposa, a mega preacher, told his congregants that they could pass through an area where “blessed oil,” anointed oil, had been poured on the floor, for the hope of curing their sicknesses. This caused a stampede and took the lives of 20 people.

Please pray and see what you can do or what part you might have in taking the gospel to Tanzania.

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Robert Canfield is the Director of the Our Generation Training Center and a missionary with Vision Baptist Missions representing the continent of Africa.

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