The Passcode to the Missionary Problem: The Ifs of the Church

The Ifs of the church

We desire To get the proclamation of the gospel all across the world by this generation. There are some “ifs” that must first take place in order for us to see this. Let’s look at these “IFs” below:

  • If we are willing to obey and determined to do the task— If we would take it seriously that we are commanded to go and determine to obey the command to take the gospel, the world could be reached in this generation.
  • If we seriously desire it, we can send people to every country— If we had a sincere desire to do, so we could send missionaries all around the world to each and every country.
  • If we are united in a resolve to see the world reached— Just like the church at Pentecost, they were unified together and saw the gospel go forth. If we could rally behind the Great Commission and getting the gospel to the world, we could see it reached!
  • If we are willing to give— So few people see the need or are willing to give towards missions. If we stepped up our giving and did more, we could see more money raised for the sake of seeing the world reached with the gospel. Instead of giving to missions, we would rather have our fancy gadgets and $5 coffee while people die and go to hell!
  • If the need is properly promoted— We would see more laborers raised, more people sent and more money given. Most people don’t know of the need in the world because it has never been properly promoted.
  • If we properly trained people— Not only would they be willing to give money because they have be raised and trained to give, but also, they would have the mindset and mentality that the whole purpose of the church is to reach the world with the gospel. This would cause more people to desire to go and they would be properly trained to do the work!
  • If we do our duty— Then within the next 10 years we could and would see an increase in giving to missions, more people giving their lives to missions and thousands upon thousands coming to Christ, because we did our duty as servants of Christ!
  • If we are what we ought to be— Then only a few years would pass before everyone in the whole world would be reached with the gospel. 

The sad reality is, many of these “ifs” will remain “ifs” because we will never take seriously the command of Christ and realize we can reach the world with the gospel in this generation. If we get rid of the “ifs” and starting making them a practice, the world would be reached with the gospel! So, what are you going to do to get rid of these “ifs” in your life and in your church?

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Sine 2016 Brady has been a church planter to Turkey with Vision Baptist Church and Vision Baptist Missions.

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