The Passcode to the Missionary Problem: What do these “IFs” mean?

What do these “IFs” mean?

After going through the list of “ifs,” it should make us step back and realize there is a problem. Because if these “ifs” are not being done then we are not doing what we, as Christians, should be doing. Let’s look and see what these “ifs” really mean.

  • They indicate there is something wrong with us, as Christians— We have not the willingness to obey nor the desire to go take the gospel to the world. We are not unified, but rather diversified in our goal of reaching the world with the gospel. And because of not wanting to do all the “ifs,” it points directly at the fact that we do not truly desire to have Christ preached to the entire world. We are ok with just us and our families knowing and not concerned about a world that is dying and going to hell! This means we, as Christians, are not prepared to do our duty, nor do we want to do our duty! We need to stop loving ourselves and start loving Christ and as we start loving Christ, we will see the need of the gospel all around the world! But if we do not change, there are terrible consequences for our inaction! 
  • The “ifs” point to our actual destiny— The “IFs” suggest what is certainly and also divinely possible! The power of God and the Holy Spirit is ours to wield to get the gospel to the world! The same power and same God is working in us today as He did in the first century Christians who did a great work carrying the gospel around the world. IF we would rouse ourselves from our spiritual stupor and step out in faith, we can see the evangelization of the world in this generation!
  • The “ifs” invite us to insure what is the cause of our terrible failure— Why haven’t we reached the world with the gospel yet? Why are there millions still dying on their way to hell without a knowledge of salvation? The truth boils down to the low spiritual state of Christians today. The chief symptoms of this problem are lack of prayer and worldliness. If we would stop living for the things of the world and like the world, we would start seeing the need of the world all around us. But we would rather live in the world and be like the world than set ourselves apart like we should be. Also, we lack prayer. We may say a quick prayer before a meal once in a while, but when is the last time you seriously spent time praying? Praying not just for yourself, but the need of others and the need of the world? If we began to pray for the world, there is no way you couldn’t help but be moved to action because you would see the great need in the world for the gospel! 
  • The “ifs” urge us to see how deliverance from this low spiritual state can be found— The first step is confession. We must confess and realize what we have been doing is wrong. As we confess, we will begin to see the need and God will burden us for the need around the world and the actions we must take as believers! That will then lead us to appeal for God to send laborers, to raise up people to go and reach the world with the gospel. As we appeal to God for laborers, that would lead us to appeal to those around us to give their lives, time, and money for the evangelization of the world! Unless we, as Christians, are overcome with a great change, then nothing will be done to reach the world with the gospel in this generation. 

May these “ifs” push us to change, as individuals and as Churches. May we stop living in worldliness and living for self and start living for God. As we live for God, then His love will constrain us to go! Then years from now, no longer will it be said nothing has been done, but instead, we will be reaping a great harvest that God has prepared for us to reap! 

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Sine 2016 Brady has been a church planter to Turkey with Vision Baptist Church and Vision Baptist Missions.

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