The Surveillance Network in China is expanding!

News agencies around the globe, including CNN Business and EpochTimes are reporting an increase in Chinese surveillance during the pandemic.

Based on these reports, it appears that the Chinese government is taking advantage of the quarantine and global travel restrictions. The new surveillance cameras are being installed in Beijing and around the country.

CNN reports that by 2021, China will have a projected 567 million camera’s installed in the country. The United States by comparison will have 85 million.

The Chinese government may be doing more surveillance and attempting to control, however God cannot be controlled. Jesus said all power is given unto me in heaven and earth, this means all authority. Jesus said with this all encompassing authority, I command the church to go share the gospel and disciple the new believers. The Chinese government is trying to take authority they don’t have in preventing the gospel from getting to the people. Will you pray for the Chinese government to come back under the proper authority structure. That they would allow the people to hear the gospel and that the surveillance would be for preventing evil, not to obstruct those who want to do good. Please pray for China!

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