UK News: The spiritual climate of the UK seen in the cancellation of Franklin Graham’s tour venues

The culture of Britain is growing increasingly hostile toward Christians who hold to the teachings of the Bible. This was seen most recently in the cancellation of several of the venues that evangelist Franklin Graham hoped to use for his summer tour of Britain.

David Robertson from shares his concerns about this and what it means for Christians in the UK. He suggests that “‘soft’ persecution of the church is now the UK States position”. Read his article for more insight into this situation and what it means for Christians.

It should wake us up to the great spiritual need in Britain and Europe. To be fair, people who oppose the gospel do so because they don’t understand it or believe it. The real answer is always the gospel and sadly many people in the UK and Europe haven’t really heard the gospel enough to believe it because it has not been preached enough.

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Travis has been a church planter to the United Kingdom since 2002 and also serves as the Europe Field Director for Vision Baptist Missions.

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