VBM Asia Spotlight: Philip and Lori Bassham | Thailand

Who: Philip and Lori Bassham have been serving as church planting missionaries to Thailand with Vision Baptist Missions since 2010. They are members of Vision Baptist Church in Alpharetta, GA. They have three children: Claire, Grace, and Emma.

Status: The Bassham family is finishing furlough which has been extended due to the coronavirus epidemic. The closing of borders and economies has given them many hurdles to returning at their originally scheduled departure date and are now dealing with passports, visas, and paperwork to get back to Thailand as soon as possible. Please pray for the speedy return to continue their church planting efforts in Bangkok, Thailand.


(1) Read their prayer letters: https://projectthailand.net/category/prayer-letters/

(2) Support their ministry: https://projectthailand.net/give/

(3) Send them an encouraging email: philip@projectthailand.net

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I am a Christian, husband, father, missionary, and field director. My family and I are on an amazing journey to give God the maximum glory with our lives. Our passion is Jesus and our desire is that the Chinese and the world may know Jesus, be happy in Him, and make Him known.

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