Vision for China Newsletter January 2020

Meet a Vision for China missionary

The Johnson Family

Ben and Crystal with their two children are serving the Lord in Yantai China. After spending time in China learning Chinese, they are now in the city of Yantai planting Savior Baptist Church.  

The Johnson Family January Update

Happy New Year! As we close out 2019, we look back and see all that God has done this year and look forward to what He has in store next year. It has been a wonderfully busy month with lots of opportunities to tell others about the true meaning of Christmas.  

Christmas in China is just another work day. There is no special holiday. However, your eyes may deceive you  into thinking that Christmas in China is more important. In stores and restaurants, you will see banners that  read “Merry Christmas” and see pictures of Santa Clause. Though these signs of Christmas are in many places,  most Chinese see the holiday as a western one and do not know its true meaning. 

This month we hosted several Christmas activities and at each one, we were able to explain what the real meaning of Christmas was. We were excited because many people who have not come to other activities were able to come and hear the Gospel. 

One surprise event came through the daughter of a friend. Our friend’s daughter was part of a gymnastics class and they were having a Christmas party. They allowed us to come to sing a couple Christmas songs and tell the Christmas story. It appears this may open a door to further minister here through an English kid’s club. Please pray for this opportunity.  

Yantai China

Questions about China

Are Bibles available in China? 

Yes, Bibles are available in China! While it is not as easy to buy a Bible in China as it would be in other countries, Bibles are available.  Currently, you can buy them online or from Christian bookstores. There are Government authorized bookstores that  sell Bibles but the quantity you will be allowed to buy is often small. The government has blocked Bibles from being sold  online, but you can still find them online listed under different keywords or by privately contacting online sellers.

John Chapter 1

Pray For A Chinese Province

 HeiLongJiang Province China

Heilongjiang province is China’s most northern province. It has 38 million people. Much of the province borders Russia. The capital and largest city of the province is Harbin with a population of over 10 million people. Harbin is famous for its ice sculpture exhibits with dozens of sculptures made from ice.  Missionaries we know used to be in Harbin. A great work was started with churches being planted and Chinese men being trained for ministry. The work continues to grow and go on today despite the fact that the missionaries were forced to move  to Taiwan after the government found out about their  missionary activities and made them leave the country. This province needs the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Would you pray that God would do a great work so that many people in Heilongjiang province can know the good news of Jesus Christ?

China Missions Quote

 “God isn’t looking for people of great faith but for individuals ready to follow Him” ― Hudson Taylor, Missionary to China, 

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