We copied these rules from other places and thought they made sense for our ministry. They are not really rules but maybe good guidelines.

  1. The three minute rule. We are not to speak to someone we know in the first three minutes after the service. We must seek out first attenders or guests and greet them.
  2. Never ask if they are a visitor or if it is there first time. Just ask how long they have been at Vision. That way you do not offend the visitor or first attender.
  3. Be sure to help the first attender find the bathroom, classrooms etc so that they can feel at home
  4. Be sure they know where the nursery is
  5. Learn their name
  6. Introduce the guest to the pastoral staff and other friends
  7. Be seated with the guest if it seems to be agreeable to them
  8. Give them a tour of the church facilities
  9. Be sure to get all the information you can without being intrusive or nosy
  10. Be sure that he gets a visit, card or call from you and the church during the week
  11. Pray for the first attender during the service and until God saves him
  12. Ask if he has questions, doubts, etc
  13. Shake hands warmly and look him in the eye
  14. Be sure that their children know where to go for Sunday School or children’s church etc
  15. Be aware if he shows interest in being saved during the service.
  16. Take the first attender to the welcome center and then to meet the pastor in the guest reception
  17. Make personal notes of their names and anything you spoke about so you can call them by name the next time they attend.

About the author

Austin Gardner is pastor of Vision Baptist Church in Alpharetta, GA. Previously he was church planting missionary in Peru for 20 years.
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