Who Will Go to the 7 Million of Serbia?


Maybe you have heard about Serbia, maybe you have not. Serbia has been a country for a long time. After World War 2, the Soviets took over Serbia and shortly afterwards combined several countries into what was called Yugoslavia. In the 90s, parts of Yugoslavia broke apart and reformed with just Serbia and Montenegro. Finally in 2006, Serbia became its own independent country again.

Serbia is completely landlocked and surrounded by the countries of Bosnia, Hungary, Romania, Montenegro, Kosovo and Bulgaria. Sadly, the country is filled with darkness. It is a country that is around 90% Christian, but that is mostly mad up of Orthodox and Catholics. Also, 3% of the population would be Muslim and that number continues to grow as many refugees spread across Europe. 

It is home to one of the largest Orthodox Cathedrals in Europe. Sadly there is little gospel witness in the country. A country for years that suffered under Communism, but now the doors of it are open to the gospel. Who will give their lives and go take the gospel to Serbia. Will you give your life to share the life changing news of the gospel with the people of Serbia?

Some Facts about Serbia

Capital: Belgrade

Population: 6.9 million

Language: Serbian

  • One of the most famous inventors and brilliant minds of our times, Nicola Tesla, is from Serbia. He was known for his work with electricity as well as many other inventions that were truly ahead of their time.
  • If you like raspberries there is a good chance they came from Serbia. Almost 95% of the raspberries consumed by the world come from Serbia!
  • Although when people think about clocks they may think of the Swiss, you should think of Serbia. Serbia was making clocks 600 years before the Swiss and continue to produce many beautiful clocks to this day.
  • If you like cheese, the world’s most expensive cheese is produced in Serbia.

Will you join us in praying for laborers for Serbia? Will you give your life to go take the gospel to the people of Serbia? 

About the author

Sine 2016 Brady has been a church planter to Turkey with Vision Baptist Church and Vision Baptist Missions.
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  1. Danny Foss

    We are independent Baptist missionaries in Serbia. Next month will be ten years that we have been here. If you would like more information about Serbia and work here, or if the Lord works in your heart about the incredible need here, please let us know! God bless you!

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