Why Islam is Growing and Christianity is Shrinking

Why Islam is Growing and Christianity is Shrinking

Christianity, in a broad sense, was once the largest religion in the world. Now it has been beaten out by Islam. Islam is now the largest religious group in the world. The reality is the true number of Christians is relatively small compared to other religions and definitely Islam. But why has Islam spread but Christianity has not spread? Today, I want to look at some ways Islam has spread and ways that if we as Christians took it seriously, we could see Christianity spread.

  1. They are willing to leave behind everything to take Islam to a new area—Muslims leave behind their countries and move to new countries in order to help spread Islam. They go because they want Islam to spread and if no one goes then it will not spread. So they move and then more move into an area until it becomes predominantly Muslim.
  2. They live among the people—Muslims live their lives among the people. They learn the culture, the language and adapt while holding on to their religious practices. This helps them to know how to communicate to people and share their religious beliefs. 
  3. They reach out to the outcasts and downtrodden— They look for hurting people and invite them into their religion. They target prisons and are allowed to go in and give Qurans to prisoners. They then reach out to these prisoners and help them when they are hurting. They also help to teach them how to live a better lifestyle in order to help them leave behind their past lives. They go to people who, sadly, we as Christians many times reject because of the way they look or color of their skin. They go into poor areas and give to them and help them out and then people flock to them and their religion because they have gone to help those that are in need.
  4. They are willing to give up all for Allah— They want Islam to be spread all around the world. They are willing to give up the lives they lead and their homes and families for the “great good” of Allah. They believe no sacrifice is to small or big for Allah. 

These are just a few of the reasons that Islam is growing and why Christianity is shrinking. We as Christians have missed so many opportunities to serve and spread the Gospel. We have become comfortable, Americanized Christians who just want the American dream, but God did not call us to the American dream. He called us to take the gospel all around the world. The truth is Christianity should be growing by leaps and bounds but it is not, and we can only blame ourselves for being selfish Christians. Next week, I want to look at how Christianity can grow and how we can reach into the Muslim world!

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Sine 2016 Brady has been a church planter to Turkey with Vision Baptist Church and Vision Baptist Missions.

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