Why Latin America?

Missionary Kyle Shreve

Why did I choose Latin America? Or why did Latin America choose me?

I think why I choose Latin America, or why anyone should consider it, comes down to a tension between two seemingly opposing truths, God’s calling versus human logic.

The first truth is that I believe God called me. There are a million pithy sayings about how to know you’re called to preach or called to a certain country.

“You’ll just know.”

“If you can do anything else, do it. If you can go anywhere else, go.”
Just two examples, but you get the idea. But the truth is that there really is some truth to those statements. I really feel that God has called me to Latin America. Maybe you could classify it as an internal, God-given desire, or maybe something else, but the truth is that there exists in me a desire to work in Latin America. I can’t exactly explain where it came from or how it got there (other than saying it’s a calling from God), but it’s there.

So on one hand, yes, I DO believe God called me.
On the other hand, it’s the most logical choice when you consider the potential to do the most for the cause of world evangelism. 

Consider that it is easy to get into almost every country in Latin America, and just as easy to stay. I’ve never heard of a missionary getting kicked out of Latin America, or having to flee from persecution. While it’s not wrong to go to countries where that can happen, and even necessary for someone to go, I don’t want to be that person. I think it’s wisest to go to a place where, Lord willing, I can spend two or three decades working with minimal governmental interference.

Also consider that we’ve seen God do incredible things in Latin America in the past five or six decades. Logically, if you have to pick between two fishing spots, would you fish in a pond where there are fewer fish biting and you may get kicked out, or a spot where you can fish as much as you want, as long as you want, and plenty of fish are biting? 

Looking at it logically, for me it’s a simple choice.
So, on the one hand, I really feel it is God’s calling and leading in my life. On the other, it seems like such a logical choice, I would find it hard to pick anywhere else. If you feel a desire and calling for Latin America, then by all means, follow it. If you feel a calling and leading to somewhere else, I would be the last one to stand in the way of your following God’s will for your life.

But if you just feel called or desirous of serving as a foreign missionary, and aren’t sure where to go or where to start, consider Latin America- the most logical choice.

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