Why have churches started by missionaries remained weak?

  • We send missionaries unprepared, ill-equipped, unloved, and as if they were a tool
    – A benefit of vision is that we are like a family
    – You are only as accountable as you want to be
    – Stay in contact, you aren’t alone
  • The people in foreign countries typically don’t have the same upbringing as a missionary
    – It may take them a longer time to learn and grow to the point where they can be an effective leader
    – You must teach them and grow them and protect them until they get to that point
  • The missionary hasn’t taught them to give
    – Don’t be embarrassed to ask them to give
    – Push them to grow and mature on their own
    – Continue to teach them even after they have gone off by their own
  • The missionary does everything for them
    – Give your people opportunities and show them what to do until they do it by themselves
    – Let them figure some things out
    – A furlough will grow the church
    – Be busy while you are there so they can learn to run services by themselves and run the church without you so that they will survive when you go on furlough

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